Sunday 27 November,2022 | The First Rejected

Sunday 27 November,2022 | Petition to Pope Francis for the Suppression of the Jesuits

The Rejected

Peter Biddlecombe

I’ve been kicked out. Dumped. Given the boot. Ditched. Stabbed in the back. Whatever. By Dom Michael, Abbot of Bolton Abbey, Co Kildare. Not, I hasten to add, because of something I did or did not do. But because … the Abbot of Mount Melleray, Co Waterford was - How shall I say? - XXXXXXX the XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXX of a XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX in the XXXX XXXXXXX of the XXXXXXXXXX of his XXX XXXXXXXXX How logical is that? Let alone,...

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Fr August Thompson

A Catholic Reject “ Despite being a priest, I was treated as a second-class citizen within my own church …  I was prohibited from attending First Communions or confirmations ... I was not even allowed to say Mass at many white parishes ... I was rarely invited to events with fellow priests  ... white Catholics viewed me as “a Negro first, a Negro second and finally a priest.” Father August Thompson, a black Catholic priest in the diocese of Alexandria,...

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I would fill all cry rooms in the country with cement. You guys noticed. And some of you wondered why. Hannah said: I’m confused – what is it that you hate about cry rooms? Here’s my response: Only everything. I’ve never been inside one where families were making an attempt to participate in the Mass. I have experienced children loudly playing with baskets of noisy toys and parents chatting in full voice about their plans for the weekend. I think...

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Augustus Tolton

Three times he applied to American seminaries to become a priest … Three times he was rejected … In desperation, he went to Rome … He applied to join the Propaganda Fidei Congregation to become a missionary in Africa ... He was accepted. But instead of being sent to Africa, he was sent back to America … He was the first black American priest Pope Francis advanced the sainthood cause of Father Augustus Tolton, who was the first African American...

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Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson says, I reject … “… females in their latex leotards and bright colored translucent swirling and twirling scarves and capes as they go wreathing to the floor in a half or a fully prostrate position ... They prance up and down the aisles of the church twirling and swirling their scarves … Delicately and sensually if you will and at times almost seductively ... I can't help but wonder what thoughts go through the minds of the men...

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St Joseph Labre

I am a DOUBLE Catholic Reject He tried to join first, the Cistercians and then, the Carthusians. He was rejected by both.Poor, destitute, without a penny to his name, he wandered around Europe, spending his time in adoration in cathedrals.If he was given any money, he would share it with others even less fortunate.In Rome, he slept in the rubbish piled high in and around the Coliseum.He died in April 1783. He is the patron saint of people rejected by...

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Frederick Rolfe

A Catholic Reject He enrolled at St Mary's College, Oscott, near Birmingham. Within a year, however, he was rejected. He was told there was no “unanimous verdict of the superiors in favour of his vocation."Within two years, however, he was in the Scots College in Rome. Again studying to be a priest.After just four months the Rector told him to leave. He refused. The Rector relented.Another four months. The Rector again told him to leave. He refused. The Rector relented....

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Francis Thompson

I am a Catholic Reject He went to a junior seminary. He hated it. But he was determined to become a priest. His mother had tried to become a nun. But had been turned down. The elder of his two sisters had become a nun. Two of his father's sisters were nuns. So too was a niece.When he was nineteen, after eight years studying, he was turned down for the priesthood. He was shattered. He saw himself as a failure....

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Jessica Packard

A Catholic Reject “Basically they sat me down and kicked me out. It was very much like a breakup, ‘it’s not us, it’s you’ conversation. I was completely blindsided …   One of the sisters brought me a cup of soup to eat alone ...  That was at 5 pm. They said, ‘We're gonna wake you up at 6:00 and drive you to the airport.” At the start, Jessica Packard says, her decision to become a nun seemed pre-ordained. The oldest...

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